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About Us

xsorbit, a company built on decades of combined creative and technical experience.

Over the years, we've evolved far beyond the basic functions associated with a traditional IT company. By embracing innovation without sacrificing reliability, we have transformed xsorbit into an Enterprise Class Application Solution Provider.

xsorbit , the right company

xsorbit provides a hosted, flexible, turnkey, online message board solution. It has the features and the scalability to handle traffic of any size. It allows you to create an online community in minutes, without costly servers or tricky installations. xsorbit will provide a total managed solution ranging from software, hosting, monitoring, backup, support and day to day maintenance.

Our message board is ideal if you:

  • Want a totally managed and hosted solution.
  • Need an Enterprise-class application that can scale to meet your demands.
  • Want to focus on building your community and not managing your servers.
  • Are not a programmer and want to have a user friendly process to setup and manage your message board.

Compelling Results

What sets xsorbit apart is our skill at understanding our customer's needs and delivering products and services with compelling results. Our family of clients includes fortune 500 companies to startups.

If you need to create an online message board to reach a specific audience, xsorbit has the expertise and technology to help you excite, inform and inspire your community.

::Customer Service xsorbit increases customer services staff by 40%

::Server upgrades xsorbit plans major server upgrades 4th quarter

::2 Million Users
xsorbit passes the 2 million member mark

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